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Fic: Easy Targets
Length: 717 words
Rating: PG-13
Written for [ profile] bsg_epics shipping wars
Warning: talk of rape (this is a revised cut scene from my last fic, Breathing Room)

Kara fires her last round into the cylon. Right through the heart

With a satisfied smirk, she lays her weapon down and presses the button. As the paper target automatically draws closer, she can see five neat holes lined up from brain to chest. Next to her, Smokescreen shoots her a dirty look, yanks his own target down, but not before Kara notices his shots went so wide one merely clipped the edge of the paper.

She grins triumphantly as he scowls and turns, heading for the hatch. When it swings shut and quiet descends, Kara drops the target and starts moving toward the Pegasus shooting range’s only remaining occupant. She’s been trying to catch him alone all day.

Lee yanks his headphones off and meets her halfway. “You heard?” he asks in a low voice.

“Yeah,” she says, her tone equally hushed, like even admitting it might land her in the brig too. Kara huffs a breath, her voice strained. “Gods, Lee. They’re not even gonna get a real trial!"

His jaw clenches and he shakes his head. “You know, I spent so many nights on Galactica just-- just wishing that I was somewhere else. Anywhere. Sometimes,” Lee's voice crackles like he’s breathing gravel instead of air, “sometimes I even wished I’d been planetside when the bombs hit."

Her head snaps up at that because she needs to see his eyes, but the expression in them, so flat and hopeless, chills Kara. An ugly smirk twists his lips. “And now I spend every night wishing I was back on Galactica. How’s that for irony, huh?”

“Lee,” she breathes, but she doesn’t know what to say next. There’s nothing to say.

His eyes go dark and sad, then his hand lifts to her face, his fingers barely grazing her skin as he smoothes a lock of hair off her face. “What happened to Sharon, and to that other prisoner in the brig-- What if that’s not the end of it, Kara? What if-- ” he pauses, his voice choked with emotion, and his hand drifts away. “What if they try to hurt you?"

“Lee,” Kara tries again, and stops again, still lacking for words. She can’t disagree, can’t assure him that won’t happen--not when it’s been lurking in the back of her mind too. But she tries anyway. “They won’t. Alright? Sharon and-- they’re cylons.” It’s a weak defense, and using it makes Kara’s gut clench, as if that somehow gives those sick frakkers permission to do what they did

“Yeah, sure,” He says bitterly, “and what about when they decide that doesn’t matter anymore? When they’re just looking for someone--anyone--to hate? You heard what my father said when he gave us our papers. They’re gunning for us. And we’re easy targets."

He’s right, she knows it, and it scares Kara more than she’s willing to admit. “No.” She shakes her head resolutely. “Those bastards are dead. Karl and Chief killed them.” A wave of nausea sweeps through her at the thought that if Cain has her way—and she’s the Admiral, so she will—her friends will meet the same fate.

Lee doesn’t argue, just shakes his head and rubs a hand over his jaw. “And I’m glad. So help me, but I am. I am."

She stares, surprised. “You are?” It’s not what she expects from him somehow. She expects Lee to frown and say something about two wrongs not making a right, or violence not being the answer to violence. Hell, she’s kinda pissed at Karl herself for getting into this predicament in the first place falling for a damn cylon. “They’re gonna-” her voice breaks and Kara bites her lip and has to start over. “She’ll airlock them for this!”

For a long moment, Lee doesn’t answer, just stares down at the floor. Then he reaches out and grasps her hands. He lifts his head finally and his eyes flash darkly, locked on hers. “I know, but if it had been me…and that had happened to you?" His fingers squeeze tightly around hers. "I would’ve killed them all too, Kara."

She stares, speechless, unable to think of a single thing to say. So she doesn’t say anything at all. Kara just tips her face up to Lee's and kisses him.
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